The Large Wooden Premium Twist One Hitter in Rosewood (3") is the ideal accessory for the modern smoker.

Large Wooden Premium Twist One Hitter in Rosewood (3")

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Creatively engineered, the RYOT Twist One Hitter is sleek and smart with its patent-pending TWIST design for easy ash ejection. Load and smoke your Twist One Hitter, then push forward to eject the ash. Additionally, its easy breakdown allows for easy cleaning. Created with the ease of the user in mind, the Digger Tip's solid aluminum teeth do the work for you. Never burn your lips again, and say goodbye to tar-stained fingers for good.


  • Short: 2-inch

  • Long: 3-inch

  • Width: 0.3125-inch


  • Durable wooden construction

  • Available in maple, rosewood, walnut, and bamboo

  • Designed to prevent heat transfer

  • Fits all standard RYOT dugouts

  • Matching RYOT Magnetic dugouts available

Taster® is used under license.

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