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STORE PREPARE CONSUME Humidor Storage Box Bundle


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LOCK-R Box (11 x 10)


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Wooden Magnetic Dugout with Matching One Hitter


STORE, PREPARE, CONSUME Humidor Storage Box Bundle

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Includes: 1 11×10 LOCK-R Box, 1 Wooden Magnetic Dugout with Matching Bat

Storage to Preserve Freshness

Even the best weed will dry out if it isn’t stored properly. And storing it in the wrong container can also impact weed quality and your health. Our BPA-free glass jars offer airtight storage that keeps your weed fresh. They also come with a sustainably grown wood lid that functions as a rolling tray.

Hand-Crafted Wooden Boxes

Our premium wooden boxes are built to store your stash and accessories. Every hand-crafted weed container is made from durable wood designed to reduce humidity and preserve your botanicals’ flavor. We also offer glass containers and multi-chamber boxes specifically designed for smoking accessory, concentrate, and dry herb storage.

Rugged Storage to Withstand Anything

Our Locking Storage Humidor Boxes, Solid Top and Glass Top Screen Boxes, and Jar Boxes are built to last. Humidor Boxes also include locks for an added level of security.

Boxes Built for Smoking Accessories

Your weed is only as fresh as your storage. RYOT boxes, and glass jars give you durable, versatile storage, no matter what you’re storing.

This product is intended to be used with legal smoking materials only. Smoking may be harmful to your health. This product may not be sold to minors.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

Wooden Magnetic Dugout with Matching One Hitter

Wood Choice

Bamboo, Maple, Rosewood, Walnut, Black