Our premium grinder delivers smoothly ground herb with every use. Durable and portable, these unique accessories are engineered to perfection.

The Smoothest Grinder on the Market

The best products will deliver consistent and smooth herb with every use. 

Unlike other models on the market, ours won’t over-shred your herb. Instead, our unique line of grinders caters to different smoking styles including vaping, rolling, and pipes. Our models are also designed to stop you from wasting your herb. Many of our products come with a sifter to filter out fine pollen and collect kief for later use.

A Variety of Styles

Introducing functionality without compromising design.

Our grinder models range from handcrafted wood to our signature food grade aluminum construction. And with most models, you can choose between different colors, sizes, and materials.

For some people, size and storage is everything. For others, a good grip and a glass lid are a must. Whether you’ve prioritized one aspect of your smoking experience or want it all, our customizable models will fit your needs.

The Herb Grinder Gold Standard

Our unique grinder gives you options when it comes to functionality and appearance, while never compromising on quality. And when it comes to the herb you do smoke, we make health a priority: All grinder products are food grade quality.

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