Vaping Dry Herb

Vaping Herb? Where Do I Start?

So you’re thinking about giving up the joint and moving onto different fields of flower? You’re not the only one! Vaping is moving fast toward the #1 spot for popular cannabis products – not only by the younger generation but also among seasoned users.

Getting into vaping can be an enjoyable experience, but it’s important to remember that it’s a different animal than smoking cannabis. If you want to break into the field of vaping, there are some things you need to know:

Why Vape?

Since cannabis is still on the federal “Do-Not-Use” list, it’s tough for researchers to gather concrete evidence without getting into trouble. Most current research is based on self-reported experiences, which, depending on the quality, quantity, frequency, method, strain, body composition (etc. etc. etc.) can vary wildly from one person to the next.

That said, there have been a few in-lab studies that seem to support much of the self-reported evidence that says vaping is all-around better for you than smoking. Some people like the way smoking tastes and feels in their bodies, but if you don’t particularly care, vaping may be a good way for you to ingest cannabis – whether it be for recreational or medicinal purposes.

  • Health: It’s no question that smoking is bad for your health because the combustion process produces so many dangerous chemicals. Though vaping isn’t risk-free (read about vape pen lung injury here), it is generally accepted to be better than smoking because it doesn’t combust the product. Instead, it heats the air around the weed that creates a breathable mist full of CBD and/or THC.
  • Smell: Because vaping doesn’t produce any smoke, there isn’t much of the strong, skunk-like smell that you get when you smoke. There may be a little bit, but the smell dissipates very quickly into the air since it’s a mist instead of a cloud of smoke.
  • Efficiency: One of the great things about vaping dry herb is that you only take a hit when you want one – no more letting a joint burn away all of your bud because no one needs a puff. Since it doesn’t burn up in the process, you can also use gently vaped weed in various edibles to ensure that you’re getting every last bit out of each bud.
  • Taste: Many people report that vaping creates a better taste and overall experience compared to smoking.
  • Privacy: Between vaping and smoking, vaping is significantly more discreet and private. Vaporizers are now small enough to fit in your pocket, and you can turn them on, take a hit, and put them back away in a matter of moments. Add in the fact that the mist dissipates almost immediately, and no one has to know you’re even taking a hit.

Cannabis Accessories You’ll Need


Pretty much any method you use to ingest cannabis requires you to grind the bud into a fine powder, so your first accessory should be a high-quality herb grinder. You can use other methods (a flat blade, coin and pill bottle, coffee grinder, etc.), but a cannabis grinder is specifically designed to take those precious buds and pulverize them into a fine, fluffy powder that’s perfect for vaping. If you’re not terribly picky, a 2 piece grinder will work great, but if you want extra grinding and sifting power, you might look into getting one of our Kannastor 4 piece grinders. For more on grinders, check out this blog article.


Portable vaporizers are a dime-a-dozen on the market these days, so part of your choice will depend on personal preference. Some multi-purpose vaporizers do dry herb, oil, and wax, but we generally recommend using a vaporizer that is specifically suited for the substance you’re vaping. Look for something with a cool mouthpiece, large chamber, even heating component, and easy-to-use grip. Check out our VERB DHV here.

Stash Box

Weed needs to be the right humidity if you want it to vape well, and one way to achieve that is to purchase a high-quality cannabis humidor. Our walnut humidor combo box not only provides two-way humidity control, but it is also a secure place to store all of your other cannabis accessories.

Cleaning Tools

Cleaning your vaporizer regularly will not only lead to a better vaping experience, but it’ll also extend the life of your vaporizer. You’ll want to clean out the used flower and inner chamber after each session (or as often as possible) to keep everything in working order. Your cleaning tools include a poker, Q-tips, isopropyl alcohol, and warm, soapy water to get everything nice and clean. For more on cleaning your dry herb vaporizer, look here.

Additional Things to Consider

Though you’re pulling a cannabis-filled substance into your lungs when you’re smoking and vaping, the experience can be very different. Just like how you had to learn how to smoke without coughing, you’ll probably have to practice inhaling vapor also. It feels different in the lungs and can cause coughing even though it’s a lower temperature than smoke.

Additionally, you’ll probably have to play around with temperatures on your vaporizer because different temperatures will affect you and your weed differently. Generally speaking, the higher the temperature (400° or more), the better you can absorb the cannabinoids and the stronger your high will be. The lower the temperature (325-350°), the more you can experience the weed you’re using. At a lower temp, the high won’t be as strong, but you’ll be able to detect the subtle flavors between strains and have a more manageable experience. Temperatures between 350° and 400° will give you a combination of the two experiences.

Vaping dry herb is fast becoming one of the best ways to consume cannabis. Not only are there significantly more benefits than lighting up, but there are enough options on the market these days to suit everyone.