A RYOT Guide to Stash Jars: What’s Right For You

A RYOT Guide to Stash Jars: What’s Right For You?

As we move from casual smokers buying single grams at a time to serious cannabis connoisseurs, storage becomes an increasingly important issue. As you begin to collect multiple strains and store them over the weeks, you want to make sure your stash stays fresh, sticky, and delicious. We know all about ideal marijuana storage, so we thought we’d share some of our hard-earned wisdom with our readers.

1) Figure Out Your Priorities

What’s most important to you about storing your stash? Do you want a gorgeous display case to show off your weed? Or are you trying to keep large volumes fresh for an extended time frame? Do you value portability or will your stash stay in one place? These kinds of questions narrow down the possible stash containers that would be best for your situation.

Once you have the answers, it’s time to start weighing your options and finding the best container for you. Some traits you may want to consider are: price, materials, size, and portability. We try to prioritize material as much as possible, as this will ultimately decide the quality of the container. Ziploc baggies, while cost-effective and highly portable, are simply not a quality container.

2) Protection

One of the key factors to consider is how much protection you need for your stash. For short-term storage, a glass jar with a lid is a convenient, accessible way to keep your weed fresh and on display.

If you’re looking for slightly more protection, you may consider storing your jars in a cannabis humidor. A humidor will protect your weed from light and maintain the humidity and temperature of your collection. This is a great option if you are storing your weed for longer amounts of time and want to maintain freshness as long as possible, but still want to keep your stash handy for easy smoking.

For long-term storage, air tight bags or other containers should be kept in a cool, dark place. With proper storage, weed can keep up to a year without losing its potency or smokability.

3) Smell-savers

If you are trying to store your weed in a way that manages its odor, smell-proof bags or cases are the containers for you. Not only do these containers keep the fragrant aroma of weed from escaping into the air, but they also keep that aroma in the stash, where it belongs. Maintaining that aroma makes your weed taste fresher, longer.

Smell-proof bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from dime bag daily carry sizes to suitcases designed to protect your whole home grow. No matter how much weed you have to store, there is a product that fits your needs.

Try to choose a container that matches the size of your stash, as too much space will still allow the smell of your herb to dissipate more than you’d like. For example, if you have a gram or two to store, try to use a small container, rather than a gallon-sized jar. A small space keeps your weed contained and properly humidified, while large spaces can lead to dry, tasteless bud.

4) Choose the right materials

You want a storage container that maintains the flavor and aroma of your stash, not one that allows it to dissipate or (worse yet) imparts off-flavors to your herb. Plastic containers, though less expensive, are often a poor choice for stash containers. Most plastics lack the ability to lock smells in, which means everyone and their dog will smell your marijuana from a mile away.

Additionally, many plastics leak their own smell into your weed, which means every joint you smoke will taste vaguely of cheap tupperware. You can avoid this problem by choosing materials like glass, carbon padding, or at the very least, food grade plastics that are designed to maintain flavor integrity.

5) Choose something stylish

The way you store your stash reflects on you. Are you an erudite smoker with a wooden humidor? Or are you a cute girly out on the town with a Playboy bunny stash bag? Find something that you can enjoy turning to time and time again. You should enjoy the way it feels and looks each time you open it or toss it to a friend.

For serious herb collectors, an appealing looking set of storage containers can make your herb an art piece that sits on your mantle. Choosing a tasteful stash container helps keep your weed fresh while displaying your personality, which allows everyone around you to celebrate both.

The most important considerations when choosing your stash box is that it maintains your stash’s aroma and humidity and protects it from light and air. As long as your chosen container accomplishes that, you can customize it to fit any of your needs for portability, style, material, or more.


A RYOT Guide to Stash Jars: What’s Right For You?
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