Our handcrafted rolling trays are all about convenience. Not only are they made from the best American wood, but we’ve engineered every RYOT weed rolling tray to make scooping and saving your herb easier than ever.

Crafting Our Signature Rolling Trays

A well-crafted weed rolling tray is a smoking necessity. No matter how you choose to smoke, our products will save your herb and make any smoking session quick, neat, and effortless. Though the concept couldn’t be simpler, RYOT’s version makes rolling a joint or packing a bowl as simple as possible. All of our wooden rolling trays feature handcrafted over-vert walls, giving you the perfect angle to collect your herb without creating a mess. Additionally, we’ve designed a corner funnel which allows you to move excess herbs back into a RYOT jar or box for later use.

The Ultimate Weed Rolling Tray

Rolling trays have been a staple among smokers for as long as we can remember. And though it appears simple by design, we crafted this essential smoking accessory with three goals in mind. Since rolling is something we do every day, we created a timeless design that is as functional as it is elegant. This means giving our weed rolling tray a glossy finish that makes it easy to scoop your weed into a joint or bowl or funnel it into a RYOT weed storage container. As we expect you’ll only be using the best quality herb, we made sure that our products are sourced from all-natural, safe ingredients. Perfect your rolling with RYOT.

Rolling Tray
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