Best Way to Store Your Stash

It’s Time You Found the Best Way to Store Your Stash

Cannabis contains dozens of delicate chemical compounds that affect its color, aroma, taste, and high. These chemical compounds are highly sensitive to light, heat, and moisture. Because of this, the best way to protect the quality of your cannabis is by storing it properly. What’s the point of buying high-quality bud at the dispensary, if you allow it to go bad before it actually ends up in your bong? Keep your stash safe with high-quality storage solutions.

The best way to store cannabis is to protect the flower from light, air, and unnecessary changes in temperature. Like the finest wines and cheeses of Europe, bud is temperamental and requires airtight storage in a cool, dark place. This may come as a shock, but a little baggy shoved into a sock drawer is not an adequate storage solution if you take your flower seriously. For true connoisseurs, a stash jar is best. RYOT happens to be experts on making the finest cannabis storage systems on the market, so take our advice on this.

What do you recommend?

The best solution for you depends a bit on what your needs/wants are. If you are like us and live for cannabis, you may prefer a stash jar that can be prominently displayed. Transparent glass jars make ideal stash containers that will keep your flower protected from air, moisture, and the environment, while allowing it to be seen. While it’s technically better to keep your product protected from light, the changes light causes occur over time and we’ve never had to store our cannabis so long that those issues come up.

If you like the look of a glass stash container but have some concerns about light protection, you may check out our black storage jars. These jars have all the benefits of airtight storage above, but add in light protection. They also add a nice aesthetic flair to your weed storage. Lastly, these opaque jars add a hint of discretion, in case you’re not sure about keeping your stash out in the open. To anyone else, these smell-proof containers look like a fancy candle. Given that you’ll be lighting them and burning a delectable odor, one could argue that they are a candle?

Another option for cannabis storage is a stash box. Made from Beech and Walnut, our finely crafted boxes are ready to store a selection of fine flowers. Our sleek, simple design makes them ready to customize at home with whatever decoration you prefer, though they look beautiful straight out of the box. These boxes and matching jars make it clear that you’re smoking as an adult, with a true sense of taste, not just some random with a blunt wrap and ditch weed.

What do I really need for optimal storage?

Airtight containers are the most important thing to look for. Glass is great, because it keeps air out and doesn’t give off any off-smells or aromas, like some plastics can. Plastic bags are a terrible choice. Though they seem air tight, tiny amounts of air penetrate through the bag, which turns the bud completely stale and flavorless. They also let the smell of weed out, which some people find undesirable. If smell is something that bothers you, you may be interested in on-the-go odor protection with our smell-proof bags and backpacks.

For best storage, you will want to find a relatively cool part of the house that doesn’t have many changes in temperature. If you were keeping your stash in an attic or next to a window, it’s probably time to find a different spot. Cupboards, closets, under beds, in drawers, or basements are all great places to keep your stash. As long as it’s protected from light and heat, you should be okay. The best temperature for storage is between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Relative humidity should sit between 50% and 65%. This keeps the flower from drying out too much, which can cause a hotter, harsher burn.

Why is all this important, it’s just weed!

Why is anything important? Weed is supposed to be enjoyed and proper storage ensures that your stash is as enjoyable as possible. Improper storage can lead to problems like harsh smoke, which can damage your lungs and make you cough way harder than necessary. Other problems, like mold, are directly caused by poor storage. Nobody wants to smoke with someone whose stash is so dank it’s fungal.

Good storage elevates your smoking from something you do to something you actually enjoy. “Perfection,” according to chef Marco Pierre White, “is lots of little things done well.” Do yourself a favor and store your weed well, so you can enjoy a perfect joint. If joints aren’t your thing, check out RYOT’s one hitters, herb vapes, and other ways to consume that are designed by smokers for smokers.

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