Meet the Large Spring One Hitter in Walnut (3"): a carefully crafted bat built so that you can smoke anytime, anywhere.

Large Spring One Hitter in Walnut (3")

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Emptying your taster has never been easier with the innovative RYOT Spring One Hitters. Pack your bowl as usual and press gently down to enjoy a mid-smoke stir. Then, press fully to eject the ash when you’re finished. At 3 inches long, these one hitters are compatible with all RYOT Large Magnetic Dugouts and are a smart and functional staple for any smoker.


  • Dimensions: 3-inch L x 0.3125-inch W


  • Available in maple, rosewood, and bamboo or in maple and walnut with a black tip

  • Available in durable anodized aluminum in blue, green, red, silver, and black

  • Designed to prevent heat transfer

  • Fits all large standard RYOT Dugouts

Taster® is used under license.

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