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My House Smells Like Weed. How Do I Get Rid of It?

The scent of cannabis is distinctive and, for many people, not particularly pleasant. With descriptive names for weed strains like “Sour Diesel,” “Skunk Dog,” and “Cougar Piss,” it isn’t difficult to see why someone might want to clear the air a bit after a smoke session.

Clearing the air can be a necessity for people smoking where it isn’t always welcome. Apartment dwellers, people with roommates, and even those living in specific states might need to be extra careful with how their car, house, or backyard smells. RYOT has you covered with the following strategies.

1. Clear the air

In closed spaces, it’s a great idea to ventilate heavily. Opening windows, running fans, and wafting the air out of the room and replacing it with fresh air can go a long way to making a room smell less like the interior of a bong. Sneaky smokers might crack a window during the smoke sesh to make sure smoke is exiting the room as soon as it’s entering it.

2. Get chemical help.

This is where air fresheners come in. Unlike incense or perfume, which cover a smell with another smell, air fresheners like Febreeze work by eliminating smells. Spraying a room down can help freshen a room quickly or completely refresh a room’s odor after clearing the air and opening the windows. Air freshener is especially helpful when it comes to soft surfaces, like drapes, upholstery, and carpets. These surfaces tend to hold odors like smoke much longer than the surrounding air. Spritzing air freshener on the sofa will keep it from smelling like cannabis long after the smoking has ended.

3. Stop the odor before it starts.

RYOT has a number of products designed specifically for odor control. Special storage, like our cannabis humidor or odor proof bags, can keep weed smell from permeating the room it’s stored in. Using a smell-proof stash container and a tool like a “sploof” can keep smell to a minimum. For the unaware, a sploof is a toilet paper tube stuffed with dryer sheets. An intrepid smoker can take a bong hit, exhale through a sploof, and prevent the smell of weed from hitting the room thanks to the dryer sheets, which deodorize the bong cloud as it exits the user’s lungs.

Another simple way to cut down on odor is by switching to vaporizers. An herb vape cuts down on the smoke and smell significantly while offering a portable, simple way to puff. Even if wax and extracts aren’t your thing, dry herb vaporizers keep smell contained and allow you an old-fashioned flower high. Unlike a joint, which burns and releases fumes all over the room, herb vapes keep the smoke limited to your lungs, which cuts down on smell.

4. Take a shower

Regular smokers may not realize this, but the biggest source of smell is often their body. Just like the couch, the smell of smoke will cling to your clothing, especially shirts and jackets. Even your hair and breath will smell like weed after smoking. If you are especially concerned about removing all odor, showering and changing clothes is a necessary step. A quick wash, teeth brushing, and a fresh set of threads will have you smelling like a newborn babe. Strongly scented body wash can help cover up any smells, in addition to washing them away. A nice bonus to this tip is that taking a shower after a heavy smoke is a trippy, out-of-body experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

5. Cover it up

The classic strategy for getting rid of the weed smell is to cover it up with something equally strong. Products like scented candles, incense, perfume, or essential oils can be used to change a room’s scent from straight weed to something not completely weed. Granted, this method isn’t always reliable, as it doesn’t eliminate odor; it only adds new smells. People who can recognize the smell of cannabis will likely still be able to detect it under the nog champa, Axe body spray, or whatever else you’re using to mask the musty smell of weed.

This strategy can be a little overwhelming for people with sensitive noses, particularly if you choose to cover up the scent with another heavy odor like incense. Some people may even find this strategy results in headaches, migraines, or asthma flare-ups. Because of this, covering up a smell is best used as a last resort after other options have been explored.


The best way to stop odor is to prevent it from entering your space. Using edibles and herb vapes will significantly cut down on any smell-based concerns. If you do need to cover up odors, smell-proof bags will keep the smell from leaking out of storage. Lastly, clearing the air in a room will get you much more bang for your buck when you finally attempt to cover up the smell of cannabis.


It could be important to clean the air in instances in which smoking isn’t always permitted. Apartment dwellers, those who share a room, and even people who live in some states may need to be extra vigilant about the odor coming from their houses, cars, or other property. The following strategies are covered by RYOT for you.

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My House Smells Like Weed. How Do I Get Rid of It?
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