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Our Favorite Ways to Store Our Stash

Unless you choose to buy half grams of cannabis before each smoke sesh, you will inevitably need to store your product at home. This is especially important for the budget-minded buyer, as most dispensaries offer discounts for buying in larger quantities. While a gram might cost $15, an eighth might cost just $40. If you can’t smoke an eighth all at once, you’ll want a storage option that keeps your purchase fresh, green, and fragrant.

While connects have used cellophane or plastic baggies for decades, weed technology has advanced since the 1960s. Most people have settled on one of two options: 1) The glass jar. 2) Smell-proof bags. While each has its merits, we find the decision comes down to what we’re looking to accomplish with our stash. Is the stash on the move with us, or will it sit on a shelf? Is it on display or put away? How much are we storing?

The Smell-Proof Bag

The smell-proof bag is best for the stoner on the move. While a glass jar can undoubtedly cut down on odor, the bulk and delicacy of glass jars doesn’t travel well. Jars aren’t compact, they can’t be squished into a backpack, and when they break, they leave shards of glass everywhere. As such, we can’t recommend a glass jar for anyone who wants to be mobile. Instead, we recommend the smell-proof bag.

A smell-proof bag succeeds everywhere the classic jar fails. They are portable, they can be nestled into a pocket, a tote, or a backpack, they conceal the odor, and they are discreet. While a jar is transparent, the smell-proof bag is opaque. Rather than covering a jar with mounds of duct tape to keep its contents hidden, all you have to do with a good bag is zip it. Boom, the stash is hidden, the odor is contained, and you are ready to move through society with a supply of smoke ready to go.

Smell-proof bags can be used for daily carry but also for long-term storage. Using a water-tight, light-resistant bag can help keep weed fresher for longer. Our favorite bags use our SmellSafe Carbon integrated technology, which uses carbon-permeated padding to keep odors in, as well as moisture and environmental damage out.

The Glass Jar

So what are the benefits of the glass jar? Like the smell-proof bag, glass jars are a great option for protecting your stash from moisture, mold, and other environmental damage that happens when you leave a small pile of weed on your bedside table for weeks (not that we have personal experience).

As glass is non-porous, large jars are a popular option for home growers who are curing their harvest. Allowing buds to cure in a jar maintains humidity over the 2-4 weeks necessary for proper curing. Unlike plastic containers, glass is guaranteed BPA-free and has zero chance of transferring off-smells or flavors to the final product, which sometimes happens to bud cured or stored in a plastic tube for too long.

Additionally, glass is a great way to display your stash. Mason jars offer a rustic, homegrown vibe, while our RYOT storage jars have a sleek, Scandinavian minimalist design. Unlike most jars available at the grocery store, RYOT’s jars include gorgeous wooden lids. They double as a rolling tray that makes it easy to carry a jar of our favorite strain out to the porch for our daily wake and bake. We’re proud of our weed, so keeping it on display in glass is a beautiful way to show it off.

Our favorite way to show off is by using our GR8TR, which pairs with our jars. This is a wooden herb grinder that can grind directly into our storage jar, which is a huge time saver. We like to grind an eighth at the beginning of the week, then keep it fresh by storing it in the jar, ready to roll whenever we are. Another nice thing about this option is that it was designed to be used with Ryot’s other products, like the Lock R Box, Safe Case, or Jar Cooler Bag. Whether you want to keep your stash stored away or on the go with you, RYOT has designed a product to match your needs.


Your preference of storage container will depend on your needs and aesthetic. Are you smoking on the go? Then a bag will likely be easier and safer to carry around. Are you smoking in the comfort of home with some guests? Then a glass display is the way to go. As devotees of dank kush, we have a complicated system using both, as we firmly believe there’s never a bad time to get high, but not everyone has the professional privilege we do. Whatever you choose, invest in quality equipment to keep your bud fresh, clean, and ready for use. Keep smoking, friends.


Are you looking for a reliable storage solution for your stash of weed? You probably took advantage of a discount and brought it in bulk. Storage for your cannabis is very important to keep it green, fragrant, and fresh. Two of the most popular storage options sold in the market are smell-proof bags and glass jars. Let’s find out which one is the better one for you.

Our Favorite Ways to Store Our Stash Infographic


Our Favorite Ways to Store Our Stash
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