Cannabis-Infused Trip

Planning Your Next Pot-Filled Trip? Consider These Tips Before You Take Off

These days you might find yourself gazing wistfully out the window dreaming of warmer days. The itch to travel seems to hit hardest in the cold months when all you want to do is blaze a trail (more ways than one!) somewhere where it’s nice and sunny.

Even if you can’t board a plane right now, you can still plan a trip for later in the year. As a cannabis enthusiast, few things are more exciting than taking a hit in a faraway land using your favorite glassware or dugout one hitter. So what should you know during the planning stage of your next cannabis-infused trip? We’ve gathered a few things to consider before cheeching on a tropical island somewhere.

Local Laws

Unfortunately, not all places accept cannabis consumption as a valid pastime, so you need to plan your trip with that in mind. Of course, Amsterdam and Boulder should be on every stoner’s passport, but there are a surprising number of other places you can smoke without any problems.

One thing to keep in mind is the difference between decriminalized and legal weed. When pot is decriminalized, that means that it’s *technically* still illegal, but the location won’t press charges if the total amount is under a certain weight. That weight allowance varies from place to place, and it can range from an ounce to eight or more, so you’ll need to carefully research before you arrive.

On the other hand, if weed is legal, you shouldn’t have a problem taking a puff. However, you should keep in mind that even where things are legal, cultural norms and local acceptance may vary. There still may be age restrictions in place, and the local ordinances might not allow you to smoke in certain locations, i.e., in a restaurant or on a public beach. Additionally, even though countries like Uraguay have legalized cannabis for the whole country, you can only legally buy it if you are a resident. That’s not even touching on the separate requirements for the cultivation and sale of cannabis. Our point: local laws vary widely, so be sure to check them out before you leave.


Traveling with weed is one of those iffy things that you need to plan carefully. It seems like every county, state, province, and country has different rules regarding cannabis transport, so you’ll want to read up on local laws before you leave. Within the United States, for example, getting caught on the border of two states – even two states where cannabis is legal – can land you in a heap of trouble because cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, and federal marshals have jurisdiction on state borders.

While it’s highly unlikely that federal marshals are chomping at the bit to arrest people transporting cannabis across state borders, there’s always a possibility of a run-in with law enforcement, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Most of the time, your best option is to purchase only as much pot as you plan on using while staying where you’re staying. That means that you should look up reputable dispensaries along your journey, and make sure to have the necessary paperwork to purchase your grass.


There is no denying it: pot has a very distinct aroma, and even if you’re staying in a weed-friendly town, not everyone enjoys the smell. Transporting your stash safely should be high on your priorities list because the cost of your bud and the products needed to use it can be expensive. Not only that, but it would be a major bummer to have your stash confiscated or stolen because nosey people took an interest in your luggage.

We cannot recommend enough our smell proof containers. We have sizes to fit anyone’s needs, from a Krypto-Kit that’s just big enough for a cigarette one hitter and a few hits worth of green, to a hauler bag that stores up to 79 liters. Our SmellSafe Carbons Series zip tightly so no odors can escape, and they are lined with a carbon odor absorption layer that soaks up even the skunkiest smells. With added lockability, these bags and cases will ensure that your stash gets where it’s going securely.


Enough with the logistics! What kinds of activities are possible while on your canna-cation? First off, it depends on the strain and if it is THC-dominant or CBD-dominant. Strains that are CBD-dominant tend to be great for easing anxiety and promoting relaxation. These are great for when you want to curl up with a good book in a quaint cabin in the woods. THC-dominant strains are perfect for activities that require a lot of energy and focus. Snowboarding, hiking, and playing beach volleyball will be even more exhilarating after you’ve taken a puff of THC-dominant cannabis using your dry herb vaporizer.

Of course, for the activities that are somewhere in between hiking a mountain and reading a book, you’ll find hybrid strains that can lessen anxiety while making you feel jazzed and ready for adventure. You will probably want to research reputable dispensaries at your destination to make sure they carry the strains you want, or you could take a risk and try something new when you get there.

Traveling to a new location – even if it’s just the next city over – can be a real thrill when things in life start getting monotonous. Adding cannabis to the mix can make an already exciting adventure even more delightful. Just be sure to take some time to familiarize yourself with local laws and customs before you set off, so your trip will be the best it can be.


Planning Your Next Pot-Filled Trip? Consider These Tips Before You Take Off
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