SMELL PROOF Storage and Travel Bags Bundle

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Includes: 1 RYOT Dry + Backpack, 1 RYOT Dopp Kit, 1 RYOT Medium Flat Pack

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DRY+ Backpack


Dopp Kit

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Flat Pack

SMELL PROOF Storage and Travel Bags Bundle!
Save 25% when you buy the Bundle!

Includes: 1 RYOT Dry + Backpack, 1 RYOT Dopp Kit, 1 RYOT Large or Small Flat Pack

Keep Your Stash Safe

No one wants to break their favorite smoking accessory. With our line of duffle bags, cases, and wallets, you can safely travel with your stash. RYOT cases come fully equipped with customizable padding and X-Straps for securing fragile gear of all shapes and sizes. Want an added level of security for delicate items? We offer small hard cases that are great for packing. You can also use them on their own or strap them to the side of another bag.

Everyday Bags for Smokers

RYOT’s bags aren’t just for hauling your stash around. Made from water-resistant material, they’re also great for travel and everyday use, no matter what you’re carrying. When we were designing our products, we made versatility a priority. That’s why our backpacks come with straps you can wear whichever way is most comfortable. Whether you combine our cases with another RYOT bag or use them by themselves, your gear will be protected and smell resistant.

Smell Resistant Technology

We take smell resistance seriously. Not only do our fabric bags have a special coating to block odors, but each pack comes with carbon lined padding that we’ve designed to absorb strong smells. Our bags also have a moisture seal zipper which keeps smells in and the weather out. With our cases and packs, you can feel comfortable bringing your smoking accessories anywhere with you.

This product is intended to be used with legal smoking materials only. Smoking may be harmful to your health. This product may not be sold to minors.

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DRY+ Backpack



Flat Pack


Large with RYOT Lock, Small

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