Wooden One Hitter – 6 Pack


Wooden One Hitter × 6

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  • 6 Pack
  • Large: 3 inches (L) x .25 inches (W)
  • Small: 2 inches (L) x .25 inches (W)
  • Durable Wooden Design
  • Available in Walnut, Rosewood, Maple, and Bamboo
  • Available in Maple and Walnut with a Black Tip
  • Fits All Standard RYOT Dugouts
  • Matching RYOT Magnetic Dugouts Available
  • Large (3″) and Small (2″) Sizes
  • Smooth or Digger Tip Option

The RYOT line has been a favorite among smokers since 2000. Sleek yet built to last, these bats are a discreet way to smoke, no matter where you’re headed. The perfect accessory for a hike or a smoking session at home, our bats are designed for an all-natural and durable smoking experience. Not only are they as high-quality as the herb you’re smoking, but they’re built for optimum portability and discretion.

Why Choose a Wooden One Hitter?

These bats are for the all-natural smoker looking for a break from more unnatural methods of consumption. Available in walnut, rosewood, maple, and bamboo, our designs are as sleek as they are functional. For the modern smoker looking to keep their fingers clean from tar stains, these bats are the optimum choice. In additions, they are also available in black and digger tip options. Our designs are as versatile as they are sleek.

What Is a Digger Tip?

There’s no need to carry a separate tool! With a digger tip, you can break up your herb on the go with solid aluminum teeth. Our digger tips are available in black and stainless steel.

Match with Your Dugout

Create a complete on-the-go smoking set when you match our bats with a dugout. Our wooden dugouts feature an innovative magnetic design to keep your herb fresh and your bag or pocket free of unwanted odors. With a wooden one hitter and dugout, smoking accessories have never been more portable.

The Design: A Closer Look

Our durable wooden design is available in walnut, rosewood, maple, and bamboo with a black tip or a digger tip. Always made from high-quality wood and expertly engineered, every one hitter is completed with a smooth finish. Fully integrable with our magnetic dugouts. RYOT Dugouts are the ultimate no-fuss smoking tool that you can throw in your bag or in your pocket without worrying about spillage, breaking or smells.

This product is intended to be used with legal smoking materials only. Smoking may be harmful to your health. This product may not be sold to minors.

Wooden One Hitter

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Tip Color

Silver, Black

Wood Choice

Bamboo, Maple, Rosewood, Walnut


Large, Small

Tip Option

Bladed, Digger

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