RYOT’s Guide to Using a One Hitter

RYOT’s Guide to Using a One Hitter

One of our favorite ways to smoke at RYOT is with our line of one hitters and dugouts. If you have never used a one hitter, you are missing out on one of the best ways to get high. One hitters are small, discreet, and perfectly sized to fit in your pocket, purse, or bedside drawer. If you’re not sure how to use one, RYOT is here to help.

What exactly is a one hitter and dugout?

These are two separate implements. A one hitter (also known as a bat and generally smaller than the similarly shaped tool called a chillum) is a tiny pipe that’s designed for (you guessed it) about one hit or .1-.2g of herb. Unlike most pipes that have an upward facing bowl and a “carb” where you drop and pack your material into the bowl, (pro tip is it’s better to avoid touching the herb with your fingers, so keep a tool handy!) a one hitter is a straight piece of metal or glass pipe that is about the length of a cigarette. This straight design means you can easily directly pack your ground herbs into the tip to create a wonderful burning bowl for 1-2 hits. One hitters burn almost like joints, but of course because there are no papers to impact the taste or purity.

Dugouts are companions to the one hitter that function as stash boxes, both for your weed and your one hitter. It’s basically a tiny zaza box. A zox, if you will. On one side, a hollow tube stores your one hitter. RYOT’s dugout one hitter models come with a tiny spring to make retrieving your one hitter a cinch, without flipping the dugout over and tipping your stash all over the ground.

On the other side of the dugout, a larger hollow can be packed with herb. Simply pressing your one hitter into this side should give you a perfectly packed hit.

How do I smoke it?

The key to success starts with a good grinding. You should prep your weed with an actual grinder, instead of breaking it up by hand. You don’t need to get too fancy, a 2 piece grinder should work fine, but a multi-chamber style that has a drop through chamber can make packing your bat and loading your dugout smoking-kit much cleaner and easier. Finely grinding your flower will allow it to pack into your dugout and one hitter perfectly.

Once your weed is properly ground, pack it into your dugout. This step will take some honing as you get used to the one hitter and how tightly you prefer it packed. We prefer loading our dugout and packing it with the bat, so that the fluff is continually pushed down and the bat holds more herb. If it’s a metal RYOT one hitter, the bat will be sharp enough to still penetrate the compressed ground herb. Nicely packed herb will also ensure that the loaded one hitter has a nice draw to it. With its serrated edges, one of our signature one hitters called the Digger can sidestep the need to grind your herb at all. Depending on how tight you pack it, your RYOT dugout can hold about 20-30 bowls.

It’s loaded, now what?

Take the metal side of your one hitter and press it firmly into the stash side of your dugout. You may need to twist a bit to work it into the weed. Remove the one hitter and you should see the inserted end filled with packed flower.

Your one hitter is now ready to smoke! Put it to your lips, light the tip, and take a deep draw, as you would with any glass pipe. Hold it. Hold it…and exhale! Congratulations, you’ve successfully gotten stoned.

After your first hit, you’ll notice that the one hitter is now filled with ash. All you need to do to clear the piece is blow firmly through the same end you inhaled from. You should be able to expel that ash easily. If some char and chunkies remain, you can use one of the cleaning pins/pokers that come with our dugout models to break them loose, but a paperclip works almost as well in a pinch. Also, RYOT offers ejectable bats which makes cashing your bowl super simple and can reduce the need for a poker. To continue smoking, simply rinse and repeat.

Why one hitters?

If you’re wondering why you would want a piece that only allows for one hit at a time, the answer is that they’re an ideal accessory for stoners on the go. RYOT’s dugouts are designed to be smell proof containers that keep your stash safe with magnetic lids. That means your stash and any unwanted smells stay in your pocket.

Dugouts and one hitters are also completely unobtrusive, which allows you to stealth smoke almost anywhere. Your stash and piece are both stored in a tiny package that can be as small as a Zippo lighter. Instead of a loose glass pipe rolling around in your purse, you keep everything contained in a convenient package.

With weed as powerful as it is these days, one hit is all most smokers need to get at least a little high. A one hitter, especially models like our cigarette one hitter, make it easy to quickly smoke on the street before putting it away and going about the day.

Using a one hitter right before going into the movies, a restaurant, or running errands will keep you stoned in tiny increments throughout the day, without carrying the kitchen sink or a baggy of loose weed with you. In this way, one hitter bats are remarkably efficient. They are the original microdose style of smoking, with very little waste burnt away.

In our opinion, a dugout and one hitter carry the same modern panache as the cigarette boxes you see in old movies. What could be classier than whipping out a dugout and a spring loaded one hitter, perfectly prepared to smoke at a moment’s notice? Even better, you can customize your style with the options at RYOT.com. Blaze on, you crazy diamonds!

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