What Makes A Stash Box Good

What Makes A Stash Box Good?

The term “stash box” seems pretty self-explanatory at first, and it is at a basic level. But what makes a modern stash box – or stash bag these days – “good” is more than just its ability to hold herbs and accessories until you need it. It should be a secure, safe, and discreet place that both organizes and accommodates all of your favorite essential gear between sessions. So what should you look for when you’re assembling your stash box? Here is a list of things to consider:

Storage: Cannabis, CBD, and other smokable herbs do best in low-light, airtight environments with relatively low humidity, so your first priority is to find a secure, easy-to-access, long-term storage solution, especially for frequent smokers. Sure, tiny Tupperware or sandwich baggies work for the short term, and a Mason jar kept out of the light is a step closer.  However, professional grade bags and glass jars are optimal for keeping humidity at just the right level and UV rays at bay.   

Priority Level: Essential

Smell: It’s no secret that cannabis has a very distinct odor, so if you’re trying to keep away from prying noses, you may want to consider throwing some anti-odor products into your storage container of choice. Odor packs are often made with activated carbon to help trap smells, but you can also find smell-proof bags and even after-smoke spray for helping clear out the smell from a smoke sesh. 

Priority Level: Nice to Have

Humidity: While some argue that dry herbs never mold, others prefer to maintain a particular degree of moisture. As we mentioned earlier, cannabis prefers a relatively low humidity (check out this article for more information on weed’s preferences), so for long term storage, you can get some two-way humidity packs. These little devices will control moisture as it’s needed and absorb it if it gets a bit too humid. The worst fate for your stash is getting moldy, going stale or losing its potency. 

Priority Level: Essential

Supplies: Your supply list will vary depending on how you prefer to imbibe, but here is a list of potential items in your supplies list: Papers, lighters/hemp wic/arc lighter (rechargeable), grinder, multi-tool (including a poker), spoon, vaporizer, bubbler, tincture, oil, pipe, rolling tray, one-hitter and dug out, dab rig, charger, and cleaning solution (with Q-tips). 

Priority Level: Essential
You might also want to pack in an ashtray, but that would be considered a Nice to Have

The Green: Of course, probably the most important part of your stash box would be your stash! Whether you prefer e-liquid, dry herb, kief, hash, edibles, wax, or shatter (or a smattering of all of them), you need to keep everything well stocked, so it’s ready when you are.

Priority Level: Absolutely Essential

The Actual Box: Stash boxes have really started to get fancy over the last few years. Of course, you can still always use a shortbread cookie tin, toolbox, or jewelry box to keep things all in one place, but if you have the extra cash, you might want to purchase something a little swankier. 

  • Wooden humidor: Cannabis humidors aren’t the same as cigar humidors because your nugs prefer less humidity than tobacco; that said, humidors built specifically for weed are a real sweet treat. Not only do they look beautiful, but they will keep your stash at just the right levels to stay fresh.
  • Hard-sided stash box: These boxes look a little like those fancy suitcases you see at the airport. With the hard sides and the gasket seal tech, these stash boxes will keep your stash from getting crushed and keep people’s noses out of your business. 
  • Metal stash box: Metal stash boxes look dignified, and they are also built to last. They will keep the light out, not transfer any odors to your green, and hold up well against any bumps, dings, or light-fingered roommates.

Safety: Depending on where you live and who you live with, you may need more or less security for your stash. Most dedicated stash boxes nowadays have some kind of locking system to keep out kids, roommates, or any other unauthorized persons. Whether it be a standard lock and key, combo lock, or one of the new fancy biometric locks, if safety is a concern, make sure you’re covered.

Priority Level: Depends

Miscellaneous: This last group of items is great if you have a little bit of space left over in your box. One of the most telling signs of being a stoner is the classic bloodshot eyes, so pack a small bottle of eye drops to help you combat the dreaded dry eye. You might also pack some snacks that are high in protein and low in sugar so that you can quell the inevitable munchies. Along the same vein, packing some non-caffeinated herbal tea or herbal mouth spray can help fight dry mouth. And though we can’t vouch for the scientific evidence behind this hack, many users swear that keeping a few peppercorns to sniff or crunch on can help you sober up if you get a little too high.

Priority Level: Nice to Have

Your stash box is an extension of your personality, and you can make it as simple or as customized as you want. From minimalist metal boxes to psychedelic painted pine to velvet-lined smoking club-style containers, your stash box should be able to hold everything you need to make your trip the best possible. 


What Makes A Stash Box Good?
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