5 Reasons You Need a Better Stash Box

5 Reasons You Need a Better Stash Box

Stash boxes can come in all shapes, sizes, and costs. While we spent a number of years stashing our stuff in sock drawers, Altoids containers, and baggies stuffed into shoes, we’ve matured enough to have a dedicated container for our cannabis.

Whereas it used to be a matter of finding a hiding place, legality has allowed smokers across the country to take newfound pride in their cannabis, as much as a sommelier might take pride in their wine cellar. If you’re not sure why you need to take your storage to the next level, check out our reasons below.

Keep your stash fresh

Cannabis isn’t just an intoxicant anymore, it’s a highly curated product that’s meant to be enjoyed. While the stems and seeds of our grandparents’ generation could be harsh and difficult to smoke, the cannabis of today is grown in temperature-controlled, hydroponic operations that bring out the best qualities of any given strain. Delicate aromas and flavors are lost when cannabis is stored improperly. Respect your stash and respect yourself enough to actually enjoy the stash you smoke!

Maintain discretion

While a new day has dawned for cannabis users across the country, many people still need to maintain a certain amount of discretion about their cannabis habit. While the plant is legal and relatively destigmatized for many citizens, some folks still aren’t quite with the program. A good stash box gives you a way to store your herb that keeps it private when Grandma comes for a visit. A great stash box doesn’t just keep flavors and aromas preserved inside the box, it also keeps those odors and aromas from escaping into the rest of your house. This allows you to save yourself from the drama and keeps your cannabis use private until you choose to reveal it.

Pure Style

Face it, you’re now an adult. Little baggies of loose grams lying around the house are fine for a while, but once you grow up, you need a better way to store your stash. High-quality stash boxes turn your stash into a treasure. A fine smoking experience begins with the style of your stash box and continues to the weed itself. RYOT’s stash boxes are made of fine hardwood, such as walnut. Breaking out a sleek, polished box signals to everyone that you take your weed as seriously as it deserves.


If you and your friends are serious smokers, there’s no better way to entice your friends to a smoke session than with gorgeously displayed stashes. While a cannabis humidor is designed to keep your stash sealed away, some stash setups are designed to display your collection prominently. Stash jars and jar boxes can provide a way to focus your collection into an eye-pleasing location.

The benefits of a stash jar setup is that the jars themselves are an odor proof container, locking in freshness and keeping your home from smelling too weedy. At the same time, a gorgeous box for your jars can give them a look of sophistication and care. RYOT’s systems are designed to match the jars with the exterior box. Modular design allows you to buy single jars and boxes to match as your stash grows.


Cannabis is a valuable commodity these days. A stash container with a lock can help you maintain your privacy and security. While nobody wants to believe their friends are light-fingered, it doesn’t help to have a little extra insurance. This is especially true if you keep a large collection for cannabis; you may have certain strains you’d rather not share. Whether they are particularly expensive, difficult to find, or you simply have a personal favorite that’s not for sharing, you can’t always expect guests to know the differences between what you’re offering and what’s for you.

Stash containers with a key can help you keep your most prized stash to yourself. Additionally, in places where a little more discretion is necessary, even at home, a lock can be a great way to keep your stash private. A locked stash container is the difference between a private hobby and an unwanted conversation about the pros and cons of marijuana use. Save yourself the trouble and invest in a lock.

As you can see, there are good reasons to invest in a new way to store your stash. RYOT has you covered for all your possible stash storage needs. Whether you are interested in bags, boxes, jars, or even grinders and keychain containers, we’ve got it all. Our products are designed by smokers who know the products in and out, guaranteeing their quality. If you are interested in making your stash a sight to behold, check out RYOT.com and see what we’ve got for you. As always, smoke up, friends!


As a cannabis enthusiast, investing in the perfect stash box is essential. The right storage container can provide a safe and secure place to preserve your valuable herb and paraphernalia so that they are always ready when needed and remain in optimal condition. If you’re looking for ways to upgrade from an ordinary stash box, this infographic outlines five crucial reasons why it’s important to get something better for yourself.

5 Reasons to Use Stash Boxes Infographic  


5 Reasons You Need a Better Stash Box
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