Explaining the Stages of Getting High

Explaining the Stages of Getting High

As writers at a weed company, we tend to stand out among our peers in the business writing world. While everyone else at our Corporate Blogmen’s Conferences does their best Don Draper impression, the RYOT writing staff is usually “going for a walk” and trying to avoid interacting with the squares in the audience. When we’re forced to make conversation at the Blogger’s Guild Annual Winter Holiday Event, we’re often asked what it’s like to get high. We’ve written an article to explain the process to the curious.

The tickling

The first moments after inhalation, you may not feel anything. The slightest inkling of stoning begins to come over you as you exhale and hack a few coughs. A tiny tickle begins to roll across your brain. You question yourself. Was a single toke from a one hitter enough to feel anything? In this phase, you mostly feel anticipation for the high you’re about to experience. We think the best thing to do is not to focus too much on when you’ll finally feel it and just let it come when it comes.


If you are with friends, your conversation will suddenly seem much sillier than it was before. You may begin to laugh harder at each other’s jokes or point out something weird the other is doing. The laughs come easy and the smile on your face just won’t disappear. The tickle you felt before might begin to spread across your body, creating waves of tingling that move up and down your limbs. For the smokers who like to wake and bake or toke up before doing chores, they’ll start feeling up to beginning whatever task needs doing.

The Goldilocks Zone

This is the perfect amount to be high. Whether you’re hitting an herb vape, one hitter, or bong, this is the place you’re trying to get to. Music is better, food is tastier, even your friends are more fun. At this stage your brain is stimulated just enough to entertain you, but not so much that social interaction becomes a nightmare or that the complexities of getting a soda from the fridge become too much to handle.

This is the perfect time to grab some snacks, pop in a movie or turn on some music, and enjoy time with friends. This will be the most lively part of your high, but also the most crucial. You may be tempted to keep smoking, however, when you reach this stage, it’s best to stop, lest you run the risk of…

Getting way too high

“One more bong rip can’t hurt…” Famous last words. Right up there with trying someone else’s portable vaporizer or eating another brownie when the first one hasn’t kicked in yet. Whatever the case, every stoner has been in this situation. You were having a fun time getting high with your friends, but now nobody is making eye contact, and the movie you put on has been stuck in the title sequence for 20 minutes, cycling through the same theme music over and over again. You might begin to feel like it’s difficult to move, like your body has changed shape, or like your friends are all secretly talking about you without moving their mouths.

For the uninitiated, this stage can be a little overwhelming. The important thing to remember is that it’s temporary. Get a sip of water. Sit on the couch and focus on keeping yourself calm. Ignore whatever is happening to you. Or embrace it. Whatever feels right, just don’t fight it and don’t call your ex. Sometimes people can feel anxious or depressed in this phase. Remember that you’ll feel better as soon as the high wears off. If your smoking companions are going through this phase, do your best to keep them calm, comfortable, and validated.

Coming down

If you’re coming down from a Goldilocks high, it will likely feel like a slow, winding pathway into relaxation. The world normalizes, you might feel a little more tired than before, a little hungry, or even just calm and happy. If you are coming down from being way too high, the process feels like pure relief. Everything starts to make sense again, the walls stop moving, and you begin to regain trust in your friends. As you begin to sober up, you may feel a sense of exhaustion as the anxiety disappears. This is all normal. The best thing you can do is go to bed and get a good night’s sleep. Rest will help you recover, and by the time you wake up, everything will feel normal again.

The urge

Whether you’re a first time toker or an old veteran, one thing is for certain. As soon as you finish getting stoned, you’ll want to do it again. It’s true that occasionally we all experience a more…challenging…high, but even a bad trip is more exciting than staying home, right? Once you feel the urge, it’s only a matter of time before you start the process of getting high all over again.

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Experiencing a high is like embarking on stages. Starting with a gentle tickle from cannabis, it grows into pleasant sensations throughout, making things funnier and more enjoyable. Be cautious not to overdo it; discomfort may follow. Despite challenges, the desire to repeat remains strong, starting a new cycle of excitement.

6 Phases of Herb Smoking Infographic


Explaining the Stages of Getting High
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