Perfect Date and Gift Ideas for Stoners

Perfect Date and Gift Ideas for Stoners

So you’re going steady with a stoner? Welcome to a wonderful new life, for a stoner’s partner never goes without something to toke. Still, stoner’s can be an enigmatic bunch. What do you get for someone who is likely satisfied with the simplest pleasures? They may not even ask for anything, making their wishes even more elusive. RYOT is here with recommendations for perfect gifts for the special toker in your life.

1) Get them an experience

For people who are non-materialistic, give them something non-material. This could be a special concert, a massage, a nice meal at a fancy restaurant, or a trip to somewhere unusual. If there’s one thing people like to do more than just smoke weed, it’s smoking weed somewhere new and exciting. As soon as somebody finds a way to smoke in zero gravity, we’ll probably have the astronauts doing it.

In seriousness, consider the activities your partner enjoys doing and try to incorporate them into quality time for just you two. Focusing on each other is all it takes to make any activity a romantic getaway.

2) Upgrade their equipment

We all know a stoner still smoking with the same glass pipe they got from a friend of a friend in college. Lord only knows the last time it’s been cleaned. If this describes your partner, why not get them an upgrade? For smokers who prefer flower, a nice one hitter can be a perfect gift that they’ll enjoy on-the-go. A cigarette one hitter can even be a safe, non-obtrusive way to enjoy flower in broad daylight, without broadcasting to anyone that you’re smoking anything unusual. If dabs are more their thing, why not hook them up with a portable vaporizer? They’re small, easy to use, and pack a powerful punch. Perfect for people who want just a little hit now and then throughout the day.

3) Indulge their munchies

Stoners are famous for their appetites, often for bizarre snacks and food combinations. If you’re in love with a stoner, show it by appealing to their stomach. Stock up on their favorite snacks and surprise them with a custom made box designed to satisfy their appetites. Include drinks, sweets, salty snacks, and foods with interesting textures, colors, and shapes to keep them absolutely delighted.

The best way to do this is by combining it with a night in. Get cozy. Break out the blankets, munchies, and pop, then put on your favorite movies. Maybe it’s an all-day Tolkien movie festival, bad horror movies, or your 17th rewatch of a favorite sitcom. Maybe it’s every Cheech and Chong movie, Harold and Kumar, and all the stoner classics. Finish the night off with favorite psychedelic scenes and enjoy a few trippy sequences before you head to bed with bellies full of junk food.

4) Get into nature

You may not believe it, but the great outdoors is one of the best places to get stoned out of your gourd. Not only is it breathtakingly beautiful, but there is a wide array of things to keep you entertained. You can get engrossed in the veins on the back of a leaf, watch ants march in single file, or dip your hands in the cool water of a babbling brook. There are few things more relaxing or romantic than going on a long walk down a nature trail. You can even turn it into a weekend trip by finding a nice place to camp. While some campsites are primitive and require you to pack in and out everything you need to survive, other campsites come with cabins, common restrooms, and bunks. Either way, get out into the country to enjoy each other’s company.

5) Make art together

Cannabis is a great way to unlock the sense of childlike creativity inside all of us. Often, this emerges in the form of giggles, freeplay, and general goofiness that comes from a good high, but giving someone art supplies and a joint is a great way to concentrate that creativity into something a little more concrete.

The best part of this idea is that at the end of the date, you have a nice keepsake to remember the time you spent together. You could buy some watercolors and paint portraits of each other, take a pottery class together, or grab a couple instruments and write a song together, then record it on your phone. The point is to be constructive and make something just for the fun of making it.

Of course, when you’re dating a stoner, there’s a good chance that cannabis will be included in any or all of these activities. Why not get them a gift like a high quality stash container, a pollen press, or a cannabis humidor? RYOT’s products help the weed lover in your life become a true cannabis connoisseur. Keep smoking, friends!

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