7 Ways to Treat Yourself This 4/20

7 Ways to Treat Yourself This 4/20

It is springtime again. The trees are green, the sun is out, flowers are blooming, and another 4/20 is upon us. While most people celebrate by sparking up, we think it’s time to take the holiday and ourselves a little more seriously. It’s time to treat yourself this April by finding something that will improve your smoke game and keep the spirit of 4/20 all year round. Some of our suggestions are below.

1.) Up Your Storage Game

We’ve all known someone who stores their herb in some questionable way. They might keep it in a sock drawer, wrap it up in some cling film instead of an airtight container. Don’t be the person unwrapping their herb out of a pack of aluminum foil. Instead, invest in high-quality, airtight containers. RYOT’s glass storage jars are perfect. Not only do they look stunning, but these stash containers are smell proof, meaning they keep all that goodness inside of the jar, so it won’t be stale when it’s time to smoke. These containers are also designed to work with our grinders, making prep and storage a snap.

2.) Invest in a Better Grinder

A good grind can make a world of difference in the quality of your smoke. If you want a joint that lights and stays lit, you need well-ground herb. RYOT makes 4-piece herb grinders that serve your every need. Do you want a kief grinder that will sift your herb for you? The GR8TR has that. Do you want a 3-piece grinder? Easy, just remove the screen. Need to pack it away for on-the-go use? Break it down into a 2-piece grinder. The modular design of the GR8TR helps you customize your cannabis grinder to your exact needs.

3.) Get a Rolling Tray That Isn’t a Coffee Table

Rolling your joints on any surface is an excellent skill to have, but in the comfort of your home, you want to use a rolling tray. Not only does it provide a flat surface for your rolling, but it keeps all of the mess and clutter from rolling in one place. Instead of a fine dusting of weed bits all over your table, your tray will catch any debris that falls during the rolling process. If you want to clean up, the tray can help you push all those weed bits together so you can sprinkle them on top of your joint or throw them back into your stash container for another day. Can you sweep weed bits up off a coffee table? Yes, but in our experience, you’ll be sweeping up dust and pizza crumbs at the same time. Get the rolling tray.

4.) Consider a Dugout and Matching One Hitter

RYOT has dugout one hitter sets that will blow your mind. Not only do they match, making you look like the most stylish burner on the block, but they’re designed to give you the perfect smoke. The best thing about dugouts and one hitters is that they store an ideal amount of herb for going out, as well as the perfect way to smoke it. We think they’re a great solution for people who just need one or two puffs, as frequently as desired. We even included a poker that packs away into the dugout to help you keep that one hitter hitting!

5.) Upgrade to an Ejectable One Hitter

Treat yourself to a sleek, handy ejectable one-hitter as an upgrade to the standard. Load, smoke, then push forward to eject the ash. They make cashing and ashing your bowl very easy, and they look and feel exceptionally cool. You’ll still need the poker at times, but much less frequently for sure.

6.) Move Into the Future with a Dry Herb Vaporizer

The future is now, friends. With dry herb vaporizers, you can vape anything in any place. Our herb vape is made by smokers, for smokers, meaning it’s easy to load, makes a satisfying hit, and is easy to clean. The RYOT VERB DHV is the vaporizer to answer all vaporizers. With so many vapes on the market, it wasn’t easy to create the perfect robotic weed companion, but we think we’ve done it. This vaporizer is portable, powerful, and easy to use.

7.) Upgrade the Stash Kit with a Pollen Press

We are all about getting bang for your buck. What better way to do that than by turning your sifted kief into a compressed, easy-to-smoke-and-store puck? RYOT’s kief press transforms the wasted sift you collect in your grinder into a brand-new herbal product to enjoy at your pleasure. The press uses a medical-grade aluminum tube and dowel system to press kief into a coin-shaped puck. The heat-tolerant aluminum allows users to treat their pollen discs for long-term storage. If you are interested in making your own pollen discs and botanical extracts, this is the perfect product to start your 4/20 right.

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