9 Activities that Reach New High-ts (When You’re High)

9 Activities that Reach New High-ts (When You’re High)

Lighting up your favorite strain at the end of the day or on the weekend is one of the best ways to relax after “adulting” for long periods. For most people, sitting down with a dugout one hitter or taking a few pulls on a portable vaporizer and watching a show is the perfect way to wind down after a long day. The thing is, sometimes you want to get out and do something after taking a hit. But what can you do? The answer: it depends! The strain you choose will influence your entire experience, so you will need to select a strain that will enhance the activity you’re into. Some strains will make you feel jazzed and ready to take on the town, so you may want to try a theme park. On the other hand, some strains will make you feel calm and relaxed, so reading a book or trying a board game might be the best choice. Depending on how your body responds, you’ll need to coordinate your strain and activity so that you get the most out of a new experience. Here is a list of nine things to try the next time you’re high:

Feeling Artsy

1. Do a meditation coloring page: Adult coloring pages are seemingly everywhere these days, so even if you’re not terribly artistic, you’re likely to find something that tickles your fancy. From standard medallions and swirls to highly irreverent scenes, breaking out the colored pencils while you’re high is a great way to spend the time.

2. Bob Ross it up: Bob Ross is probably the most recognizable painter of the last 50 years, and the great thing is that many of his videos are available online. Following along with Bob Ross is the perfect solo activity, but it can also be a fantastic group activity for when you have a joint smoke sesh.

3. Try an indie flick: There are so many independent films out there that are just plain trippy, even when you’re not toasted! Think of how much more enjoyable they could be when you are! Just keep in mind that psychological thrillers and horror films might not be the best selection if you get nervous or anxious when you’re baked.

4. Go to a gallery: When you’re high, viewing famous artwork can be a completely new experience – even if you’ve seen the pieces a hundred times before. There’s something about the way your senses are heightened after popping a gummy or smoking a bowl that makes you see the colors and shapes differently. For added fun and enlightenment, bring along a buddy and have deep, philosophical discussions about the artwork as you stroll through the exhibit.

Nature Lover

5. Take a hike: We absolutely endorse taking a stroll out into nature when you’re flying high, but you have to use some extra caution if you decide to go on a hike. When you’ve indulged in your favorite strain, your senses are heightened, and hearing the rocks crunch under your feet and the complete stillness of the surrounding forest can be exhilarating. Keep in mind, however, that cannabis can slow your response time, so you should always go with a partner and stick to trails that you know well and aren’t dangerous.

6. Meditate outside: If you can’t go out and about when you’re stoned, staying home and doing some purposeful meditation is a fantastic way to make the most of each hit. Many strains of cannabis are designed to lessen anxiety and promote relaxation, so combining those qualities with the calming effects of the great outdoors is a win-win. Put on some comfortable pants, a hat, and sit on a shady piece of grass as you clear your mind and celebrate nature.

7. Yoga in the park: Certain strains of cannabis are ideal for helping promote relaxation, which can seriously up your yoga game. Get the blood flowing and embrace your happy baby, tree positions, and downward dog in a way you never have before by trying yoga while high. Many cities and towns have yoga in the park programs that let you commune with nature while following a yoga master through new routines surrounded by gorgeous scenery.

Adventure Seeker

8. Read a book: It may feel a little counterintuitive to read a book when you’re feeling adventurous, but books can take you to new worlds better than any other mode of transportation. You may find that you prefer different genres when you’re high, so if you haven’t ever tried reading after taking a hit on your dry herb vaporizer, you should prepare by having several reading options to choose from. It may not be as thrilling as jumping on a plane, but it beats sitting stoned in front of the TV.

9. Head to an amusement park: If the strains you choose make you feel amped up and ready to take on the world, you should definitely visit an amusement park while high. The abundant sounds, sights, attractions, and park food are sure to satisfy any craving you might have.

Local ordinances, safety protocols, and your location relative to your destination may prevent you from puffing in public, so you’ll need to figure out transportation before you imbibe or choose a discreet method of partaking once you get where you’re going. Doing what you’ve always done is just fine, but if you’re itching to try something new after taking a puff, there are plenty of options available that will send you to new heights when you’re high.


9 Activities that Reach New High-ts (When You’re High)
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