Canna-Presents in Corporate Gift Giving

Canna-Presents in Corporate Gift Giving

The holidays are almost here, and the search for the perfect present is on. Getting something for your friends, family, and significant other is one thing, but if you are a business owner, you also have to agonize over corporate gifts. Corporate gifts are an important aspect of creating and maintaining business relationships, and they also are a great way to show employee appreciation. So how do you find the gift that’s perfect for everybody? Well, there isn’t a single right answer, but with the public’s growing interest in cannabis and cannabis products, indulging in a little 420-inspired gift-giving is becoming a popular option among many companies large and small.

Things to Consider

Even with the growing interest in cannabis and cannabis accessories, cannabis is still a fairly sensitive subject, so you’ll need to analyze your target audience before giving any gifts. Some things to consider before wrapping up an engraved cannabis grinder or dry herb vaporizer include:

  • Is it legal to use all cannabis products in my state or just certain aspects?
  • Would CBD and hemp products be better received than products containing THC?
  • Is the nature of the company or client receptive to trying cannabis products?
  • Would cannabis accessories, beauty products, and storage options be a better choice than gifting bud?

Even if you’re not sure how well an eighth of weed would go over, you can always give smaller, sample-sized canna-presents that represent the diversity of products within the cannabis community. CBD-infused lotions, coffees, and engraved lighters are useful presents that help your clients and fellow companies dip their feet into the world of cannabis without taking much risk.

Corporate Gifts for the Cannabis-Lover

Of course, if you know that your target audience would go ga-ga for ganga products, check out our products that are sure to please. We’ve been providing the best herb experience for over twenty years, so it’s safe to say that we know what people want. If you know that your clients, employees, and fellow companies would enjoy high-quality cannabis tools, we have a vast selection for you.


Grinders: Grinding your flower with a knife or credit card is a thing of the past, and we have all the tools to ensure a perfect, fluffy powder every time. Our walnut wood grinders are sleek, classic, and are guaranteed not to warp or lose pins. Our GR8TR jars also come in beech wood and have attachable clear or black glass storage options. If you want something that’s extremely versatile, our aluminum grinder can be configured to store, sift, and transport, so it meets everyone’s needs.

Rolling Trays: There’s something therapeutic about rolling the perfect joint, and our classy rolling trays make it easier than ever.

Kief Press: Our kief press is the perfect gift for any cannabis enthusiast. Measuring in at just over an inch, its anodized food-grade aluminum body can handle the heat and pressure of making endless pollen disks while remaining discreet.


Dry Herb Vaporizers: The VERB DHV is one powerful piece of equipment that’s sure to impress. It is easy to load, customizable, and was made “For Smokers by Smokers.” It comes with rapid heating temperature control, removable poker, and a smooth draw mouthpiece. It really is the total package!

Cigarette One Hitters: We have an incredibly wide variety of dugout one hitters and cigarette one hitters. Available in five different sustainable wood options, anodized aluminum, spring-loaded, and twist varieties, these small smoking tools pack a lot of punch without taking up a lot of space.

Krypto-Kit: Our Krypto-Kit was the first thing we put on the market, and with our latest additions and upgrades, it continues to be a best seller. Its loaded, lockable, smell proof design comes with a poker, one hitter, and rolling papers, so your clients have everything they need to toke on the go.


Smell Proof and Smell Safe Bags: We have bags to meet everyone’s needs, so take a look at our extensive collection of smell proof and smell safe bags today. Ranging from just a 3 ¾” Fresh Pod to a whopping 23” Hauler Bag, there is something for everyone. All of our fabric bags have carbon-lined material that absorbs odors and keeps away prying noses. Plus, they’re stylish as heck.


Humidors: Cannabis likes dark, consistently humid environments, and our walnut humidors fit the bill perfectly. With space for several jars, humidity control, and accessories, this beautifully designed box will keep your client’s stash safe and protected from whatever life throws at it.

Glass Jars: If your business relations are true cannabis lovers, they won’t put up with anything less than the best storage solutions. Our glass jars come with sustainable wood lids that double as rolling trays. They are also BPA-free and use a silicone seal to keep cannabis’ distinct smell contained and other potential flavors out. Available in both clear or black glass, these jars are the perfect storage solution.

Instead of giving a fruit bouquet or a box of nuts that’s bound to fall flat among your clientele, send something a little more personal and edgy this year. Cannabis products and accessories are trendier than ever before, so if your audience is right, any of these gift ideas are sure to be a big hit.

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