Rookie’s Guide to Cannabis

An Absolute Rookie’s Guide to Cannabis

While there is a first time for everything, for cannabis newbies, the world of Green can be daunting. There is a whole new vocabulary, etiquette, and culture to learn, not to mention, you know, the roughly thousand and one different ways to get blazed.

With everything there is to know, we think it is worthwhile to give first-timers a rough guide of what to expect and how to make your first time go smoothly.


Using cannabis is like most experiences: The more you prepare ahead of time, the smoother everything will go. Preparation can involve research, such as what kind of strain you should buy, how you should consume it, etc. If you are unsure, the employees in dispensaries are more than happy to help you select strains that are compatible with your needs, and offer you advice on how to best consume it. They can even help you find non-smokeable routes, such as edibles, tinctures, etc. Use your online research to narrow your choices down to one or two options, then use the experts in person to give their thoughts on what you should try.

In addition to researching the products you should buy, research what you can expect from your first time. While many people find their first experience with weed to be a highly rewarding experience, some beginners can feel anxious, paranoid, or nauseated. Often, this results from trying too much too fast. Reading about the experiences of others can promote relaxation if you feel overwhelmed during your first time, as you can always remind yourself that what you’re feeling is normal. Additionally, hearing other people’s reports and experiences can give you ideas for what products to use, herb varieties to try, and more. We love to read about people’s experiences, which is why you can read reviews for our cannabis accessories on our products page.

Put Safety First

Just like alcohol, cannabis requires responsibility to consume it safely. For your first time, we recommend an environment you feel safe and comfortable in. Obviously, you should avoid driving while intoxicated, but you may consider avoiding heights, machinery, swimming, cooking, or other situations that may result in injury if you are distracted. It may even be best to try your first time with a friend close by to help you if you need it.

You might try embarking on your weed journey at home with a variety of snacks prepared and your favorite activities prepped and ready to go, so there’s no need to go out or do any work after you’ve started your smoke sesh.


The supplies you need will vary depending on how you plan to take cannabis for your first time. If you plan to smoke your herb, then you will need an implement to smoke with. While a rolled joint is the classic method, rolling a joint for the first time is a quick way to discover how embarrassingly lacking in fine motor skills you are. For first-timers, a pipe or one hitter is a much simpler way to smoke. For people who prefer to vape, a dry herb vaporizer or concentrate vaporizer can be another simple, effective way to enjoy cannabis.

If all of the different ways to smoke still sound like a dizzying number of options, keep in mind that smoking isn’t the only way to consume. Edibles are a simple, effective way to enjoy weed without all the fuss of smoking. If you choose to take the edible route, your biggest choice will be to find something that seems yummy! After that, you will have to choose a dosage that is appropriate for you. Dispensary employees can assist you, though it doesn’t hurt to remember that you can always start small and take more if you need it.

The most important supply will obviously be the herb itself. We recommend only purchasing herb from reputable sources, such as dispensaries. Not only can they guarantee the safety and quality of the product, but their employees can assist you with your decision-making. Many dispensaries are focused on helping customers and patients have the best experience possible, so don’t be afraid to ask questions or get advice from the people behind the counter. It’s a bit like asking a sommelier for advice while choosing a bottle of wine.


As much as you can prepare and plan, at some point, you just have to jump in! The best advice for having an enjoyable first time is to simply relax, take it slow, and focus on having a good time. Whatever you like doing without the benefit of cannabis, we recommend trying with it (as long as it’s safe). The great thing about the “Herb Life” is that it’s pretty much just regular life but improved with weed. We love to smoke a little and relax in the yard with a cup of coffee, in the den with a movie, or at the kitchen table with a bowl of cereal. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from famous stoner Richard Branson, it’s that not even the sky is the limit.

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