Do you prefer a cannabis flower or concentrate?

Are you a novice cannabis smoker and looking for the best way to get high? There’s so many options. If you’re debating between cannabis flower or concentrate, read on to find out which one almost all cannabis users prefer.

Jared Day

Jared Day

Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of .

Flower Provides All of The Cannabinoids and Terpenes

Everyone prefers flower. This is why no one ever liked Marinol. Flower provides all of the cannabinoids and terpenes the way nature intended and works much better than any alteration or extraction. It also tastes best. Then there is the ceremony of preparing it.

However, inhaling combustible plant material smoke into our lungs can’t be good in the long run. This is why many have turned to edibles and drinks. But the problem with those is understanding your tolerance and not overdoing it.

The effects are much stronger than smoking or vaping. Vaporizing concentrates are always the preferred method for being discreet out in the world. They produce very little smell, and nearly no preparation. Plus you get to sidestep the dangers of edibles. Flower versus concentrate boils down to whether you are out in the world or not.

Mason Palmer

Mason Palmer

Co-Founder of .

Flower is More Enjoyable and Ritualistic

I prefer the flower over the concentrate. The flower is more enjoyable and ritualistic in my experience. I enjoy feeling the flower, breaking it up or grinding it, then rolling it up. It's really a relaxing ritual that brings me into a better mental state. The taste of the flower is much stronger and tastier as well.

Shifra Nerenberg

Shifra Nerenberg

Owner of .

Flower Keeps It Natural

There's nothing quite like smoking 'fresh' flower in a glass bowl! It's great to be able to light just the part you want to smoke or light up the whole bowl for a huge hit at one time. It's nice to know & be able to see exactly what you're smoking too, plus it's lovely to watch the tiny crystals burn as you inhale their goodness.

One of the reasons smoking flower in a bowl (or even a joint or a bong) is preferred is because it keeps it natural -- it's just bud & fire.

However, while the flower remains preferred, the invention of distillate vape cartridges/pens makes it easier to try different strains, be mobile with it, & take quick hits. At least with live resin vapes, it's less processed & considered somewhat of a safer smoke than some of the other concentrates that have questionable additives or processing components.

Either way, whether you like it green or fluid, enjoy it safely!

Aaron Girard

Aaron Girard

Founder of .

Traditional Ritual, Unique Flavors, and Balance High

For me, the ritual of smoking a joint or packing a bowl is a cherished experience. The aroma of different strains and the unique flavors they offer add to the enjoyment. Plus, there is something relaxing about taking the time to prepare and smoke a flower that I don't get from using concentrates.

I also appreciate the balanced high that cannabis flowers provide. The full spectrum of effects, from the uplifting and energizing to the calming and relaxing, can vary depending on the strain. I find that this allows for a more well-rounded and enjoyable experience compared to the intense and sometimes overwhelming high of concentrates.

While both cannabis flowers and concentrates have their benefits, I prefer cannabis flowers for their traditional ritual, unique flavors, and balanced high.

Nathan Sukhov

Nathan Sukhov

Manager of the .

In Flowers You Have More Control Over Dosage

For us there’s no competition - we prefer flower over concentrate any day! Concentrates are known for their potency, but we like the idea of going to the most natural source - which is flower. It might not be as strong, but the effects of flower are almost immediate, as opposed to concentrate that has to be digested. You have more control over your dosage when you use flower, too.

Above all, there’s something undeniable about the social benefits and the community that comes from smoking flower. Taking a hit and passing it around your social circle is a ritual that can’t be replicated with concentrate. Flower is all about going straight to the pure source and sharing with the people around you. There’s almost nothing better.

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