Keys to Keeping Pets Safe Around Cannabis

Keys to Keeping Pets Safe Around Cannabis

For people who like to consume cannabis, it’s important to know how it can affect the other inhabitants in our houses. This includes our animal companions. While we can share much of our lives with our pets, cannabis isn’t something we should be sharing with them. If you smoke out around the dogs or cats in your life, here are some ways to keep them healthy and safe.

Is weed dangerous for pets?

For most pets, it can be. In dogs and cats, cannabis is moderately toxic and can cause discomfort and illness. In fact, dogs are significantly more sensitive to the THC, so even light exposure can cause them harm. Because of this, it’s best to prevent exposure to your animals as much as possible.

Symptoms of toxicity can include vocalizations or whining, vomiting, seizures, difficulty walking, and an altered heart rate. For animals exposed to cannabis, these effects can be extremely distressing, so they may display signs of nervousness, fear, or irritation. The signs of toxicity can appear within minutes and last up to hours after exposure.

How do I keep my pets safe?

The most important way to avoid harming pets with cannabis is to prevent exposure. Smoking should be done away from pets and ventilated outside of the house. Opening a window or simply going outside to smoke is an easy way to keep your smoke sesh from interacting with your furry friends.

Additionally, edibles, oils, and your stash should be kept out of reach of pets in the home. Place your stash containers on high shelves or inside cabinets and drawers to keep your pets out of the Girl Scout Cookies. For animals that may have an unusual interest in chewing or eating strongly-scented items, smell-proof containers and bags can discourage them from finding your stash and chewing it open. This is particularly the case for edible cannabis products.

It’s important to keep edible cannabis products, such as cookies, gummies, brownies, etc., separate from your normal foods to prevent accidental exposure for yourself or pets. In addition, you should keep items sealed to prevent animals from accidental exposure. Our favorite way to store our edibles is in a smell-proof case that doubles as a humidor for our premium stash. The case seals in the delicate aromas of our best bud and keeps the dogs from getting into our gummies. Not only that, the walnut case lends an air of sophistication to our stash that we love to show off.

What about reptiles?

Weed and weed smoke are not healthy additions to the reptilian lifestyle. This is partially because the lungs of reptiles are so small and delicate. Though some owners claim that their reptiles enjoy the smell of cannabis, it’s best to avoid smoking around them to prevent long-term lung issues and a shorter lifespan for your pets.

What about CBD? Is it good for pets?

CBD and other hemp oils are not currently recommended for pets. Though anecdotes online seem to show animals consuming CBD oil without issue, there isn’t enough research to show the safety of hemp products for animals. Additionally, the lack of regulation for many of these products means that some may contain amounts of THC that are definitely harmful to pets. It’s best not to risk our animal’s health, so avoiding the use of all hemp products is best until we know if they’re safe.

What do I do if my dog ate all my weed?

If your pet has gotten into your stash, the first thing to do is to assess the current well-being of your animal. If they show signs of extreme stress or illness, take them to a veterinarian as soon as you can. You can also receive further guidance from the Pet Poison Hotline, which can help you protect the health of your animal.

For most animals who accidentally consume marijuana, a full recovery is possible, though there are documented cases in which animals have died from consuming weed. Call your vet to make sure your animal gets the help it needs. While some cases may involve simply waiting out the weed, other cases may require the administration of activated charcoal. This substance will bind to the chemicals that may harm the animal and allow them to eliminate them safely.

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