Great Gifts for the Stoner GF/BF in Your Life

Great Gifts for the Stoner GF/BF in Your Life

Cannabis culture has grown significantly over the years, and with the legalization of marijuana in many places, it has become more mainstream than ever before. As a result, stoner couples have emerged, embracing their love for cannabis together.

Whether it’s for a special occasion, a birthday, anniversary, or just to show appreciation, finding the perfect gift for a stoner couple can be a delightful experience. This article aims to explore a wide range of gift ideas that cater to their shared passion for cannabis and enhance their high love.

Try some cannabis accessories.

Why not help the stoner in your life maximize their lifestyle by giving them some luxurious smoking gear? Weed isn’t just spliffs smoked in secret anymore, it’s on par with fine wine or tobacco. Cannabis humidors, 2 and 4 piece grinders, customized rolling trays, odor proof bags or high quality stash containers are a perfect gift for someone who enjoys quality cannabis.

Cannabis apparel to smoke in style.

Your clothes should display who you are. For the weed aficionado, why not help them express their love through their style? Weed-themed shirts, socks, and other gear can help them strut their stuff. You may find that some of their favorite shows, bands, or other interests have gear aimed at stoner audiences. What could possibly express your love for someone more than a novelty t-shirt of a cartoon character blowing fat bong clouds? It may be a little bit on the nose, but we guarantee stoners will love it.

Relax with cannabis spa packages.

This gift can be enjoyed as a couple. With the rise of CBD infused oils, teas, and other products, why not try a spa weekend? These products may be offered by local facilities in your area, but if not, buy CBD massage oils and other spa products and try a weekend at home taking care of each other. Sharing a joint, turning on some relaxing music and taking turns massaging each other is a fantastic way to relax and unwind as a couple.

Cannabis cooking classes for two.

For stoner couples who enjoy culinary adventures, a cannabis cooking class can be an exciting and educational gift.While cannabis specific classes are difficult to find in many locales, you and your partner can turn any cooking class into a cannabis cooking class with just one secret ingredient. While we don’t recommend you hijack a cooking class with your weed, you can take the recipe and adapt it to your stoner kitchen at home by substituting regular butter for cannabutter. Learning to bake perfect cherry clafoutis is a romantic way to express your love (while getting ripped).

Weed game night.

Explore the competitive side of your partner by adapting some of your favorite board games to a stoner lifestyle. Weedopoly and Settlers of Kushtan are a great way to pass countless hours as you strategize, smoke, forget what your strategy was, then give up on the game and make out instead. Alternatively, if one partner loves board games and the other doesn’t, a fine joint is a way to get through a whole board game you’d rather not play.

Subscribe to a gear box.

Surprise them with a monthly subscription to a cannabis-themed box. These boxes often contain an assortment of accessories, edibles, and other cannabis-related items. The changing products and novelty of monthly shipments will keep your stoner rolling (pun intended) in new gear.

Try the gift of art.

Add a touch of cannabis-inspired art and decor to their living space. Look for prints, paintings, or sculptures that celebrate the beauty of cannabis. Vintage editions of High Life, posters from their favorite stoner comedies like Cheech and Chong, or other pieces of art can add some style to their life, without looking like a dorm room poster.

Grow your garden.

This isn’t just a quote from Voltaire’s Candide: “We must cultivate our garden.” For a partner with a green thumb, “grow-your-own” can be an irresistible pursuit. Try giving them an opportunity to get high on their own supply.

Growing your own plants can save money at the dispensary, give a partner a hobby, and brighten up their living space or back garden. Before you give them a plant, check the local laws in your area regarding how much weed you can grow and if there are any limitations on how it’s stored or displayed. While growing weed is a time-honored pursuit, the last thing you want to give your partner is a felony.

Tour weed and wine country.

Now that weed is fully in the mainstream throughout the west coast of the US, consider a tour of weed and wine country through states like California or Washington. Many wineries cater to weed connoisseurs and offer tastings that pair wine with fine cannabis strains.

Finding the right gift is about understanding your partner’s interest and finding ways to cater to their tastes, while solidifying your relationship. The best way to find the right gift is to listen to them and take frequent notes of gaps you can fill or activities you can participate in together. Happy smoking, lovebirds.

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