Seven Tips to Keep Your Edibles Fresh Forever

Seven Tips to Keep Your Edibles Fresh Forever

With the rise of readily accessible (and cheap) cannabis in nearly every state, edibles have become a popular item at dispensaries nationwide. Not only are they a yummy, inexpensive way to get high, they can be measured and dosed with dependable accuracy.

While smoking comes with a variability that can occasionally send you into the stratosphere when you really just wanted to get high and clean the kitchen, edibles from reputable brands can be counted on to affect you reliably day in and day out. This is especially helpful for individuals who use cannabis for medical purposes, as they can treat edibles like medication and expect accurate results.

Though edibles are great for medical users, some people use edibles recreationally and may only get high once a month. As many edibles come with multiple doses in a pack, what do we do with the extras? How do we keep them fresh for the next blue moon that allows us to get stoned?

Invest in high quality storage

Neither a plastic baggy or crumpled brown bag is sufficient, particularly if you’re storing baked goods like brownies, cake, etc. Instead, invest in high quality stash containers or stash jars that will protect your product. Airtight, glass containers are best, as they won’t impart any off flavors to your edible treats, seal in freshness, and protect your edibles from bugs, mold, and other contaminants.


For baked goods, refrigeration can help preserve your edibles for an extra week or two. Not only does refrigeration slow down the process of decay, it can help maintain soft and chewy textures.

A pan full of brownies left on the counter can dry out to an inedible brick within a day, but a tray of brownies that are covered and placed in a refrigerator can stay fresh for more than a week.

The potential pitfall with refrigeration depends on the cleanliness of your fridge. Refrigerators filled with rotting or strong-smelling food may impart unwelcome odors to your edibles. You can avoid this pitfall by keeping them sealed in an airtight stash container (see above) or by simply cleaning out your fridge.

Freeze for long term freshness

If you need to store your perishable edibles for more than a week, freezing may be a better option. The advantage to freezing is that it preserves your stash for months on end, preventing it from rotting or growing mold.

The downside is that freezing can occasionally affect the texture and taste of your edibles. The best way to avoid this is by preparing your edibles properly for long term storage. Wrapping your edibles in parchment paper or a sealed container can prevent them from picking up off flavors from the fridge.

If you can, try to position your edibles in the back of the freezer, rather than in the front, or in a shelf on the door. This positioning helps maintain a stable temperature, rather than a cycle of freezing and thawing each time the door opens. Constant thawing and freezing will exacerbate unwelcome changes in texture.

Vacuum seal your supply

Vacuum sealing is a first-rate method to maintain the freshness of your edibles. Removing the air from the packaging reduces exposure to oxygen and contamination. Invest in a quality vacuum sealer to package your edibles. Vacuum-sealed edibles can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer for long stretches of time without compromising quality. This type of packaging can keep goods fresh for months or even years.

Control humidity

You’ve seen those “do not eat” packs at the bottom of every bag of road trip beef jerky you’ve ever bought. Did you know that they control the humidity in that sealed bag? One way you can store edibles on the shelf is by placing them in an airtight container with a silica packet. The packet will absorb humidity in the packaging to help arrest mold and maintain the texture of your edibles.

Find a cool, dark place

As always, you want to protect your stash from light and heat. Refrigerators naturally keep your stash in a cool, dark place, but if you are storing your stash in an unrefrigerated area, try to find a dim area that stays between 60 and 68°F throughout the year. This will help maintain freshness and texture, particularly for edibles that are sensitive to heating and cooling cycles, such as chocolate, candy, and similar treats.

Keep an eye on it

As with any perishable product, regularly checking the freshness of your marijuana edibles is crucial. Use expiration dates as a guide for products stored on the shelf (though freezing can extend these dates significantly. The most important way to evaluate freshness is with your senses. Look for signs of decay, such as bad odors, off textures, or significant discoloration. Some changes, such as staleness, may be the result of storage, but edibles that taste or smell bad are probably best given to the garbage can.

Many edibles can be bought in bulk and stored for extended amounts of time, given the right cannabis storage accessories and a cool, dry environment. The right storage can keep them in perfect shape for slowly working through them on your own, or for when all of your friends show up for a party.

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