Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Cannabis Lover in Your Life

Valentine’s Day this year may look a little different than in years past as the world slowly picks itself up after a rough year. Traditional ways to celebrate – going to a fancy dinner, for instance – may not be options this year depending on where you live, but that shouldn’t stop you from showing your loved one how much you care.

Luckily, with new cannabis products hitting the market every day, you are sure to find something that is a hit with your partner. We’ve created a list of things to help you find that perfect gift for the cannabis lover in your life.

Make Something

Few things speak to the heart like a homemade food-related gift. Here are a few things you can make or buy for that special someone:

  • Chocolate: Everybody loves getting chocolate on Valentine’s Day, but this year, try gifting some truffles with a little something *extra* inside. Some cannabis companies make and sell cannabis chocolate with impressive amounts of THC and flavor options. Other confectioners even sell chocolate with only CBD, which is a great option for people who don’t necessarily want the high that comes with traditional edibles. If you can’t afford to buy chocolates, you could always make your own truffles and wrap them in pretty packaging. There are plenty of recipes online to help you make some delightful cannabis confections.
  • Cookies (or a cookie bouquet): Another treat that most people love is baked goods. The stereotypical stale pot brownie isn’t your only option these days. Instead, try making cannabis cookies and giving a cookie bouquet. If cookies aren’t your loved one’s thing, a decadent, seriously tasty weed brownie is easier to make than you might think.
  • Cannabis butter: Cannabis butter is the driving force behind most cannabis treats, but it can also help uplift savory dishes. By gifting cannabis butter, you give your partner a lot of options for making tasty edibles.

Gift a New Product

Cannabis preferences are unique to the individual, but just because they like one thing, doesn’t mean they might not like something else if you gave it to them. Another kind of thoughtful gift is to present cannabis accessories to your cannabis lover.


  • Vaporizer: Dry herb vaporizers are one of the best ways to get the most buzz for your buck, so if your cannabis lover hasn’t tried one yet, this would be a great gift.
  • Dugout One Hitter: A dugout one hitter combo is another excellent gift because it helps your special someone get just the right amount in each puff without wasting any flower. They nestle into each other for easy transportation and discretion, and they look really cool.

Wooden Herb Grinder

  • Wooden Herb Grinder: Every cannabis connoisseur needs an herb grinder to get perfectly shredded bud for however they choose to use – whether in a vaporizer, joint, blunt, or bong. Wooden herb grinders are exceptionally cool because look really classy.

Stash box

  • Stash box: Stash boxes are the ultimate gift because they serve so many functions. They not only provide a home for your bud, but they keep your lighter, rolling tray, and any other accessories in one safe place. If you are wondering what else goes in a good stash box, check out this article.
  • Odor Proof Bags: Lastly, an odor proof bag would make the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys weed on the go. These carbon-lined bags keep the ganja’s distinct smell away from prying noses until the time is right.

Give Some Flower(s)

There is no shortage of strains on the market, so it might be nice to gift a few types of buds. Each hybrid is unique in its THC and CBD content as well as its terpenes, making the smoking experience highly individualized. Giving the gift of variety could introduce your partner to new strains that they never considered but end up being favorites.

You could also offer a new way to partake. If they usually smoke, try giving an oil, shatter, or wax. These new options could very well become favorites.

Try Something Sensual

Of course, there is the sensual corner of the weed market. There isn’t very much research on how pot influences sex, and what few studies there are basically say that it depends on the person. That said, many people claim that Mary Jane has a positive effect on bedroom activities. If you’re looking to try something out, you might look for a massage oil with CBD. It absorbs into the skin and can make the person getting the massage feel relaxed and ready for other consensual sexy-time activities. Cannabis-infused lube is another product that reportedly takes bedroom experiences to whole new heights.

Whatever products you choose for the cannabis lover in your life, they’re sure to be a big hit if you put a little bit of thought into your partner’s likes and preferences. Check out our store to get more innovative herb accessory gift ideas.