Celebrities Who Blaze Up

11 Celebrities Who Blaze Up (Some Might Surprise You!)

Willie Nelson

You might know Willie Nelson as the red-headed stranger or just the guy your dad always listened to on road trips, but true herb enthusiasts know that Wille Nelson is a legendary pot smoker. Wille is one of the few people who can say he’s smoked Snoop Dogg and B-Real (Dr. Greenthumb himself) under the table. At age 89, he has apparently given up smoking for the sake of his lungs and singing voice but still uses edibles regularly. While Willie was a fan of smoking flower, we prefer an herb vape to cut down on the smoke.

John F. Kennedy

According to The Kennedys: An American Drama by Peter Collier and David Horowitz, JFK, our nation’s handsomest president, was smoking to help relieve his back pain and other health issues. Kennedy was supposedly introduced to marijuana by one of his mistresses (oh yeah, he had quite a few of them, too) and used it occasionally. While hard evidence of his herb-smoking is scant, the authors above seem to think the rumors are substantial enough to believe.


We don’t have to look at Rihanna’s social media very long to see how much she loves herb. We think it helps her creativity because Rihanna’s output has been stunningly good for her entire career. Her love for cannabis is so well-known that she’s been called “America’s Weed Heart.” (We guess they’re choosing to ignore that she’s from Barbados.)

Patrick Stewart

Captain Picard, Professor X, and one of the finest readers of Shakespeare on earth, Stewart has admitted publicly that he uses cannabis daily for medicinal purposes. He hopes that making his medical marijuana use public will destigmatize the plant enough that further research can be done on its health benefits. What we really want to know is if he says “Engage warp drive” before hitting a portable vaporizer.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is Hollywood royalty who spent her entire life in the entertainment industry, for better or worse. While she struggled with a variety of substance abuse issues in her youth, she remains “California sober” and still seems to enjoy weed in moderation. She was once seen smoking with Cameron Diaz, and there doesn’t seem to be any evidence she has since quit. No wonder she was so hungry in Santa Clarita Diet!

Barack Obama

One of the most popular presidents in recent memory for good reason, Obama details his marijuana use in his autobiography, The Audacity of Hope. Some rivals used his admission as a way to damage his political campaigns, but clearly the strategy backfired for his opponents because Obama made it all the way to the Oval Office. Regardless of political persuasion, we think having a president in the joint rotation would be a blast. We could finally find out if there are really aliens in Area 51.

Bella Thorne

Former Disney star and current B-Movie queen Bella Thorne is a proud pot smoker. She can often be seen on social media with joints, bongs, and other pieces of smoking paraphernalia. She told LA Times in 2018 that she uses her kitchen to host her fellow herb enthusiasts. We would love to see what kind of cannabis humidor she has set up.

Kacey Musgraves

The famous singer is also a fan of marijuana. She even sings in one song, “Heaven is to burn one with John Prine.” We don’t know John Prine, but we can definitely agree we’ll be burning one down in heaven. While most people seem to associate cannabis with rock and rap, Musgraves and Willie Nelson show that even country singers are fans of cannabis flower.

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa is one of the most successful rappers of the last 15 years. All that success has allowed him to enjoy weed as much as he wants. He has frequently claimed that he smokes up to 80 joints daily. We like smoking as much as anyone, but how does Khalifa find the time? He must be able to roll and smoke at the same time, or else we’re not sure how he would get through so many spliffs.

Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman is a comedian, podcaster, actress, and entertainment extraordinaire who loves to get stoned. Silverman has stated in multiple interviews that she loves to take a toke or two from a one hitter before shows, performances, and social situations. For people who struggle with anxiety, just a little bit of cannabis can be a great way to cut through the stress of anxiety.

Dave Chappelle

One of the most successful comedians of the last three decades, Chappelle has made marijuana a prominent part of his work since the 90s. His early film, Half Baked, is a love letter to weed that every stoner can appreciate. Even 20 years later, Chappelle is still referencing getting baked on stage and making his love for cannabis apparent. We love to see that kind of consistency.


11 Celebrities Who Blaze Up (Some Might Surprise You!)