Ways to Smoke While Working from Home

Seven Ways to Smoke While Working from Home

Over the last year, working from home has become more commonplace because of the global pandemic. The pros include a (much) shorter commute, less gossip around the water cooler, and lunch hours you actually enjoy. On the flip side, the negatives include missing out on work-related social functions, wanting to get away from your office mates every once in a while, and being surrounded by all of the delicious snacks you buy each week at the grocery store.

It really is a mixed bag.

If you’re a cannabis connoisseur, you might also find yourself burning through your stash faster than you used to when you worked in an office setting. Cannabis consumption can get pricey pretty quickly if you’re not careful, but it is possible to enjoy it without breaking the bank or interfering with your job. We’ve put together a list of seven ways to smoke even when you work from home.

1. Plan Your Day

Before you have your first toke of the day, set your priorities for what you need to accomplish and when. Once you figure out the day’s goals and schedule, you’ll have a good idea of when and what you can smoke.

Be sure to schedule planned smoke breaks where you get up and walk away from your desk. The action of moving to another area of your house to smoke at a set time will keep you from chain-smoking your way through your stash as well and maintain a healthy relationship with your weed. By setting a timer and having a schedule, it’ll be easier to stay away from the mentality that your buds are a reward, which can lead to harmful habits later on.

Whatever way you carve up your day, stick tight to your parameters, and you shouldn’t be worried about wasting your flower.

2. Make a Separate Work Space

Creating a separate space for work is good practice for anyone working from home regardless of smoking habits. Even though it might be the most comfortable place in your home, steer clear of setting up shop in your bed. You want to mentally separate the places you relax from the places you work.

Your work station should be in a well-lit area that has limited clutter. Additionally, you’ll do best if your desk is as far away from the fridge as you can get it.

Lastly, set a specific quitting time. It’s easy to check your emails on your phone as soon as you wake up and after you’re done for the day, but set your boundaries and stick to them. You’ll burn out quickly if you’re always in work mode even when you’re at home. It’s important that you create a work/home barrier even if they’re *technically* the same place.

3. Segment Your Stash

Chances are pretty good that deep down you know how much cannabis you need to function, but it’s easy to burn through more of your bud than you should if you’re not careful. To help you use the right amount, you can segment out daily or weekly portions right when you first purchase your weed. It will take some discipline to only use the allotted amount, but sticking to your BUDget will make your stash last longer, and you’ll enjoy it more.

If you need help getting the juices flowing first thing in the morning or midway through the day, set aside your THC-dominant strains to boost focus and creativity. If you need help calming down and controlling anxiety so you can work, portion out CBD-dominant strains. Try not to smoke whatever you have just because it’s there – be purposeful with what you use during the workday.

4. Cut Out Distractions

Another good rule of thumb for working from home is to cut out the distractions. Stay off of streaming services and social media unless you’re on a smoke break, and stick to your schedule. There are tons of time management apps out there to help you stay on top of your work-related tasks. Similarly, if your one hitter is calling your name more than it should, be sure to lock up your stash box and keep it out of sight. If you have to move into another room to get your next hit, you might think twice before you smoke just because you’re bored.

5. Choose the Right Strain

There are so many hybrids out there nowadays that it can be overwhelming to choose. Before you try anything new during the workweek, test it out on the weekend to see if you can function well under the influence or if it’s a strain best saved for after hours.

Most people like to use creativity and productivity-boosting strains that are THC-dominant in the morning (commonly called a “wake and bake”) and CBD-dominant strains in the evening to relax after work. Powerhouse strains are generally best saved for weekends.

6. Take Care of Other Physical Needs

Using Mary Jane at work is becoming more common, but it isn’t the answer for every slow, boring, or stressful day. You need to take care of your other physical needs so that you don’t turn to your stash to fix other problems.

Start your day off by exercising, showering, shaving, and getting dressed. Even if no one is going to see you but your cat, Snowcone, having a consistent routine can make you more productive and keep you mentally healthy without requiring you to bust out a joint.

If you get really snacky during the day, pre-make your healthy snacks and keep them in the kitchen and not at your work desk. If you tend to binge on unhealthy foods, stop stocking them in your pantry.

And of course, stay hydrated. Drinking water will keep your brain and body healthy so that you can get the most out of your workday.

7. Practice Other Ways to Deal with Stress

If you mostly use ganja to help you deal with stress, you might find yourself hemorrhaging money to keep your stash boxes full as you work from home. Instead of taking a puff whenever you feel stressed, practice some other ways to manage your stress. Doing meditation or yoga, reading a few pages from a book, or even brushing your teeth can help alleviate some anxiety to help you function without needing an unscheduled smoke sesh.

It is possible to work from home and enjoy your Mary Jane. By tweaking your habits just a little bit and being conscious of when you smoke and why, your stash can last as long as it did when you worked in an office setting – and you may even enjoy it a little bit more.